A Personal Umbrella Service

Most umbrella companies cater to a mass market...recruiting the greatest number of contractors who are then treated to the lowest common level of service. Rota Umbrella contractors are our clients...we serve each as an individual.


Rota Umbrella enables contract / temporary / agency workers to work for the largest number of organisations without any admin issues…no company operation, no tax headaches, no legal worries.

This may sound the same as any other umbrella company. What makes us different is that we take action to minimise the Income Tax / NIC on your income. We find out as much as possible about you and about each engagement to be able to pay the maximum amount without deduction.

Many contractors will be needing to take umbrella employment because of legislative changes, having previously operated through their own company. We make the process easy by attending to any residual personal Tax Return – and advising on the best course of action regarding the old company.

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