Construction Industry

  • Our Construction Industry Payroll Service provides higher weekly take-home pay for Workers as Employees at the same overall cost to Contractors as CIS Sub-Contractors.
  • Reductions in Tax / NIC are achieved by maximising travel expenses paid to workers through careful use of HMRC Exemptions. This process can increase overall Net Income above the Self-Employment level and covers the costs of our service and of Employers’ NIC.
  • Contractors paying workers using through our Construction Industry Payroll Service eliminate the risk of HMRC Penalties of up to £3000.00 per month for declaring labour-only time-workers as Self-Employed on CIS Returns.
  • Employment Expenses in respect of Travel are paid weekly so that the Maximum amount of Worker pay is free of deduction for Tax or NIC. The Net Pay will be up to 94% of the CIS total – depending on site locations – for a worker now earning £450 per week Gross.
  • Overall Travel Expenses are in practice more generous – in terms of Tax Relief – for employees than when Self-Employed. Additionally, they are more easily claimed when we operate the payroll service as we can ensure the correct PAYE Tax Codes are applied.
  • Workers will effectively get Income Tax relief immediately to maximise Net Pay. This eliminates the necessity to claim repayment from HMRC after the end of the Tax Year. Any residual Tax Return will be prepared free of charge for employees paid through our service.
  • Contractors reduce administration costs and time. Operation of CIS is replaced by simply informing weekly worker Gross Pay / Sites Worked and paying amounts advised by us. Workers are issued with detailed payslips and can be paid their Net amounts the same day.
  • Contractors no longer will need to deal with HMRC regarding worker pay. We operate PAYE and make all necessary Returns etc.
  • Our self- funding Service provides Maximum Net Pay sooner at No Extra Cost to Contractors and eliminates the risk of operating CIS for labour-only time-workers.
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