Contracting through Rota Umbrella is as straightforward and trouble-free as possible:

  • Register with Rota Umbrella and become our employee
  • Notify your agency / service user that you now work through us
  • Tell us about your work-related Expenses
  • Send us your timesheets at the end of your agreed pay period
  • We issue an invoice for your work and pay you on day funds received.

There are features about the Rota Umbrella service which are unique…

  • Contractor’s allowable Employment Expenses paid, Tax / NIC – free.
  • Personal Income Tax matters dealt with by HMRC Agents – no charge.
  • Tax Coding / Income Tax repayment claims made to HMRC – no charge.
  • Self-Assessment Tax Returns completed for working Contractors – no charge.
  • Dedicated personal service to ensure maximum net income for Contractors.
  • Single point of contact – no call centres, waiting, deputisation, etc.

The Rota Umbrella Employment service…

• Complies with Tax legislation – protects Contractors / Agencies / Clients from HMRC liability…and provides…

• Maximum income for Contractors without worries about liability to HMRC.
• Up to over 82% of overall income receivable by Contractors.

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