Supply Teachers

Supply Teachers have historically been provided to state-sector educational establishments through specialist agencies. As education itself is Exempt for Value Added Tax, the VAT chargeable on this service would normally be an additional cost to the school. However under specific legislation, this is recoverable from HMRC and is therefore not an expense for Local Authorities or Academies who make VAT Repayment Returns.

Private independent schools do not enjoy the same special treatment for VAT. The education they provide is also Exempt for VAT and they are therefore not able to recover the Input Tax payable on purchases. This makes the cost of Supply Teachers 20% more expensive for such schools compared to Academies etc.

Maybe for this reason, private schools have not been able to use Supply Teachers in any great numbers. This has been to their possible detriment as well as to potential temporary teaching staff. However we are now able to offer a solution to this problem.

We can provide multiple financially-independent Mini-Umbrella Companies through which Supply Teachers can provide their services to private-sector schools. Because each company has a turnover below the relevant threshold, no VAT is chargeable. Introductions of teacher to umbrella company and then to school can be made by Agencies acting as agent not principal.

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